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Staffing Solutions

tMI’s staffing services are designed to help your business simplify operations by outsourcing the complete staffing administration process – from on-boarding and staff management, all the way to full and final settlement.

Staffing involves many detail oriented processes such as timely pay-checks, stringent accounting, staying complaint and accurate documentation, all of which require expertise and bandwidth. tMI eliminates the need for you to invest resources into these complex yet non-core procedures, while ensuring uninterrupted functioning of your staffing processes.

Payroll Management

Your employees on our payroll - ease of management without loss of control


100% transparent and compliant in the eyes of the law, and as per your requirements

Over and above the compliance and operations, comes the need to provide a human interface and personnel management that stays true to the company culture. We seamlessly work with you as an extended arm of your team to understand your unique company culture and ensure that the culture of your organization or your staffing objectives are not diluted in any way.




Customized service offerings tailor made to suit your organization. Adaptable to staffing requests that are niche in your area of business.

Efficient Query Handling

Quick turn-around time and well defined escalation points for handling employee queries, so you can stay efficient without compromising on the quality delivered.

Expert Advisory

We offer tax friendly salary structures to our employees within your cost, delighting employees with optimized net pay – a core factor to ensure retention.

Personal Touch

Present in 6 locations across the country, ensuring face-to-face interaction with your recruits.  This human interface offers reassurance and a personal touch that enhances employee experience.

Technology Enabled

Make your staffing administration process quick, effective and accurate with technology. Create unlimited reports and ensure complete documentation with our efficient back-end processes.


Our Clients About Us

At tMI, all our decisions are made keeping in mind our end-user!

We had continuous updates on the amendments in labour laws and necessary impact analysis on our employee compensation and compliance

Fortis Hospital

Their methodology for both payroll and compliance is Simple, Specific and Cost-effective

Wockhardt - Life Wins

We vouch them for their speed, accuracy, expertise, accessibility & economy

Confederation of Indian Industry

tMI is client-centric and adaptable to the needs of the client, which is rare to find today

Global Hospitals


Our Clientele

Trusted Provider of HR Solutions for several industry leaders

  • One of the top manufactures and distributors of vehicles in the world

    A leading brand with an impressive range of sanitary ware products and faucets in India

    A top manufacturer of batteries in the country

    A prominent diversified group of companies which is also active in fertilizer manufacturing and engineering

  • A famous textile brand in the country producing high quality fabrics

    An Indian company that is known worldwide for manufacturing finest fabrics

    An international brand known for their denims

    One of the biggest sportswear manufacturers in the world

  • A well-known Media house that provides latest news from India and the World

    An Indian daily Newspaper with a 100 year history

    An Indian Information & communication technology company providing end to end solutions

    An American media conglomerate that manages collection of cable TV networks

  • One of the largest Indian multi-national conglomerates in construction and real estate

    A diversified international conglomerate offering wide range of services in energy & infrastructure

    A luxury housing real estate company with properties across India

    A well known real estate development firm based in Delhi & NCR

  • A leading international provider of premium healthcare in India

    A leading pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai

    A hospital that is a pioneer in stem cell research in the country

    A well-known Ahmedabad based multi-specialty hospital

  • One of the largest banking and financial services in the world

    One of the largest assurance, tax and advisory firms in India

    An international Organization that supports aviation with global standards

    An Indian conglomerate with varied business interests from hospitality to information technology